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Im Mortals

While riding one of my nimbus today (dreaming eyes wide open), I have been wondering about what may stay, and about what may die, and I couldn't help myself from thinking if we were only mere mortal bodies who decays and putrefies with time, and yet, under this decaying skin lays an immortal soul. It… Continue reading Im Mortals

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On a Street Called Mercy

On a street called mercy I died in the cold Waiting at your door For you to love me.

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The Spin Of Eternity (Micro Fiction)

You were criminals, you soul assassins, but look behind you, look deep into the colour of the night . . . do you see your assassinator?

My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Empty lines

Day 4: Between the lines-Sarah Bareilles Empty lines Between the lines There was emptiness My heart open wide naked To the words that will never be spoken It will die lonely in my caged heart From morning till dusk. Christa Today I learned how to edit a YouTube video, it seems to be not complete,… Continue reading Empty lines

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Mantled Love #NovemberNotes

Day 3: The other side of paradise by Glass Animals Mantled Love She asked me, "do I scare you?" "No," I said, "but I care for you." He reached out for my cheeks And plucked my cheeks with warm kisses I thought to myself: He is an angel dressed in black And I am a… Continue reading Mantled Love #NovemberNotes

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Shaken-Details in the fabric

Day 2: Details in the fabric-Jason Mraz Shaken You shaken my senses All of me went ashtray Collapsing in portrays Of you running colorfully In the dream I made of you. Christa I recently decided to participate in the writing challenge: November Notes hosted on the blog areadingwritr, I found the prompts really interesting as it… Continue reading Shaken-Details in the fabric

Moth on mouth
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Little Eerie Moth

(Have an eerie, strange and spooky Halloween) Little Eerie Moth Eerie as these suburbian nights where I held you close near my warm up heart, but it doesn't beat anymore my love! it's cold as ice and rotten as a decaying meat. My ribcage became the house of thousands of beautiful moths dancing with their… Continue reading Little Eerie Moth