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Things I’v Learned & Achieved On My 2016 WP Blog

At the start of this year, the goals that I wanted to achieve was to learn as much as I could on WordPress; to ameliorate my writing skills; and to become more acquainted to the terms and terminologies of the World Wide Web. I worked hard and many times I was on the limit of… Continue reading Things I’v Learned & Achieved On My 2016 WP Blog

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Blogging-Solopreneur Quest

Struggling to learn html basics

  Struggling to learn html basics. The Struggle of a housewife since 2 days in learning html basics from blogging fundamentals in the blogging u course. I am fully plunged in reading and learning for some days now, not going on any other social medias and staying on WordPress all day until I go to sleep only to be… Continue reading Struggling to learn html basics