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Tracing back to love

I was thinking about all these stories that trace back to millions of eras in time. And sometimes these myths makes me wonder . . . and I find myself thinking that perhaps, yes, perhaps that we are loved more than we would ever know. How good the makers were When fire was gifted to… Continue reading Tracing back to love

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Im Mortals

While riding one of my nimbus today (dreaming eyes wide open), I have been wondering about what may stay, and about what may die, and I couldn't help myself from thinking if we were only mere mortal bodies who decays and putrefies with time, and yet, under this decaying skin lays an immortal soul. It… Continue reading Im Mortals

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Sanctuary Of Flowers – Brave Enough

Sanctuary Of Flowers (Inspired by the song Brave Enough by Lindsey Sterling & Christina Perri for the November Notes Challenge) Your heart                    is  a                sanctuary of                    colourful flowers Christa I recently… Continue reading Sanctuary Of Flowers – Brave Enough

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November Notes-Shell Suite

Love   This emptiness inside of me has been replaced by the love of thousands, reminding me that love alone is the cure to my illness & to the icy world that surrounds my ocean of madness. Christa I recently decided to participate in the writing challenge: November Notes hosted by areadingwritr & Sarah Doughty,… Continue reading November Notes-Shell Suite

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Not A Test But A Learning Path

Not A Test But A Learning Path I have been reading the great book on the life of Bill Clinton—on which I will shortly write a review on, and I read a phrase in his biographic that has moved me, and it goes that way: I had learned again that I could take a hit… Continue reading Not A Test But A Learning Path

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Love it

  Love it Whatever falls into your hands Grab it Cherish it And love it. Christa    

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I hope that humanity restores it's faith I hope where there is sadness and tears lights may shine upon their fate I hope that in some months all these nightmares will seems very far I hope that all of our archaic thought would vanish in fumes I know that lives have been broken I know… Continue reading Humanity