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Writing one word theme: meaningless I have been ill and many questions have been arising in my mind. I have stopped sleeping, and under pills that renders me as slow as a snail. My mind seems unable to make up words anymore. I feel . . . Well, i feel like crap. I hope these… Continue reading Untracked

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Daily Post Theme: Yellow

Show me the colour of your soul Blast it open Yellow as the sun & radiant as the moon Write it in words & poetic lyrics Give to the world a bit of your light And let yourself be as the horizon.

My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

An exquisite endeavor

An exquisite endeavor Devouring the inside of my body Like a flame setting everything on fire I have taken a road to the finite As i agonised into the tempest And so gone and forlone from my eyesight The darkening clouds in my life An adieu to the past My anger appeased And another life… Continue reading An exquisite endeavor