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Internet caput!

Internet caput! I guess that you have all noticed that I was not online for some days now—well, this is due to the fact that I had no internet since Wednesday—Ethernet; even my mobile date was dead! And it’s only on Saturday that my internet was on the way to go again. All this was… Continue reading Internet caput!

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest

WP Obsession

WP Obsession Hello fellow bloggers, am writing this post because I have come to realize that I miss writing and reading your blogs, should I literally say that WordPress is my new obsession mindset? Well yes, at the latest news, am obsessed with the WordPress community, should you be scared of my preoccupation over WordPress? I guess no, because… Continue reading WP Obsession

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest


Drama I have not been very much on the web because I have got some really nasty troubles with my online technologies, it has been annoying me all the way through. But yesterday I thought that all of my accounts have been well set up, and I was ready to blog and socialize on all… Continue reading Drama