My short stories

In the woods of Abraxas (Prt 1)

In the woods of Abraxas (Part 1) (990 words) On their way to the next city, Fantasia’s parents halted at the border of a woodland which was situated in a little village named Abraxas. There—in the woods that surrounded the village, emanated a fogging mystical atmosphere—awakening Fantasia’s natural intuitive sensor of the spirits of the… Continue reading In the woods of Abraxas (Prt 1)


A Potent Bond

 A Potent Bond (Short Story of 1309 words) Behind the hill of Breslow, existed a castle that was reputed to be haunted, Fantasia overheard people talking about the horrible screams of women that could he heard in the still and motionless night, there in the peculiar darkness—echoed slashing screeches that sent shivers down their spine.… Continue reading A Potent Bond

My short stories

Captivity #microfiction #fiction

Captivity (short fiction of 811 words) "Where are you my damsel? are you out there? it's getting cold and you're gonna die of coldness in this freezing night, show me your little angelic face, why are you afraid of me, have I not always show you all the love I felt for you, haven't I… Continue reading Captivity #microfiction #fiction

My short stories

The diary #micro fiction

The diary (micro fiction of 928 words) On a fine sunny morning, in the attic of a forgotten and abandoned house, Denver—a girl of 18 years old, discovered an old diary with the initials M.M written on the front crimson page cover of the diary. Denver was a very curious girl and decided to read… Continue reading The diary #micro fiction

Tribal curves
My short stories

The Cursed Mark

The Cursed Mark I fell down on the ground, the back of my skull hit strongly something cold and damp, a huge sound echoed through my head, it was awful, I lost the battle. Blood spilt all over, I could see my blood mixing with the muddy water and turning the vivid red colour into… Continue reading The Cursed Mark