Argumentative Quotations

Today the one word prompt for the daily prompt is argument. I have decided to share some quotes that I have found on

Carl Jung quote on cosmos order
My short stories


Day Three: One-word inspiration Hope Slowly going through that thing that we call life she tries to forget and to forgive. Too much killing inside, too many tears and bruises, just too much that must be put to an end, all these bitter tastes of memories, all of these acidic words that hurts and mutilated her… Continue reading Hope

Carmen electra quote

Day 2 Quote Challenge

Everyone has their little garden of secrecy. Dreams that you will never reveal to anybody, things you aspire to do, so many things kept dormant inside of you. There are some that are lucky and find someone who they can tell their secret to or simply be as they are and in this process get… Continue reading Day 2 Quote Challenge

i origins movie quote

I Origins

I Origins Hello beautiful people, hope everything is still going strong for all of you. It's been sometimes since I didn't catch up on my blog, well, as always some dramas blinded my faith out of me 🙂 but am back, and hope that it is for good (Backstreet boys in my head right now… Continue reading I Origins