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Snatching Dreams-November Notes

Snatching Dreams (Inspired by the two songs Free Fallin' & You Are A Memory for the November Notes Challenge) Turbulence was caused while I fell hard from where I stood rooted beneath the sky . . . but now that I have forgot where to stand! the remembrance of the fall flashes and echoes to me,… Continue reading Snatching Dreams-November Notes

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Love Power -November Notes

Love Power (Inspired by the song Pain Told Love by Tribe Society for the November Notes Challenge) Pain told love that it will destroy its heart                                 Love replied: "oh, come on pain, we both know who is the strongest here." Christa… Continue reading Love Power -November Notes

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November Notes-Out Of My League

Unsighted I pushed you far away So that you might screw my heart again and again Ten million thousands times And yet, when I will see you again, everytime I will be reminded that the us that we have and the parting that we had...That it's you always And I still be forever in love… Continue reading November Notes-Out Of My League

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Sometimes I give up every time I feel too much difficulty, I feel crushed sometimes, I feel insane and unloved and hated sometimes, but it's not all the times, there are things that push me far away from my sole path, I adrift and stumble and fall and hurt myself badly . . . sometimes.… Continue reading Sometimes

Moth on mouth
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Little Eerie Moth

(Have an eerie, strange and spooky Halloween) Little Eerie Moth Eerie as these suburbian nights where I held you close near my warm up heart, but it doesn't beat anymore my love! it's cold as ice and rotten as a decaying meat. My ribcage became the house of thousands of beautiful moths dancing with their… Continue reading Little Eerie Moth

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The prose of an immigrant

The prose of an immigrant The freedom to spread my wings towards a land of freedom A chance to know the real meaning of living without fright Risking my life to escape violence, hatred and poverty. It was none of my intention to snatch the food out of the mouth of your children Am not… Continue reading The prose of an immigrant

Flower on hands
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Stigmata It all seems unreal all this state of mind But if you all see with the eyes of a magician And the eyes of a sorceress Will you believe That life somehow can be saved. The distance that we have to go All the tears that will be shed But if I lend you… Continue reading Stigmata