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Foggy was the night…

I tried to copy the style of the writer, Edgar Allan Poe here. To me, his style of putting heart aches and love affairs into a magnificent gory and gothic melancholic way has always made me a great admirer of his writings.   Foggy was the night when i met him, Torned in the flesh,… Continue reading Foggy was the night…

My short stories

Pink Manhood

Today one-word prompt is Pink. Sitting quietly in an immaculate room With my legs hanging on the armchair Mother came in & said: "Pretty girls sit properly" So I dip my pen in the pot of pink ink Emasculating my feminine lining I put on a coat as dark as charcoal Sublimating my contour bodily shaping… Continue reading Pink Manhood


What you sow is what you reap

What you sow is what you reap (#ProsePoetry #poetry #poem) What you sow is what you reap And karma ain't a bitch What you sow is what you reap And your life is just a scratch. What goes around comes around I heard a million voices said With all the vices infused in my veins… Continue reading What you sow is what you reap

Black and white movie picture of the Sherlock Holmes series


Elementary It's obvious my dear Watson That the case of the murdered son Is going to be one of these hectic cases That will leave us all insomniac Isn't that elementary dear Watson. Christa