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Poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure

Pleasure (Add some structure to your poem today by making use of anaphora or give epistrophe a shot) Take off tonight the sassy dress from the dress locker For you I'll get undress under the burning Oh the burning starry night light All of our purpose days and the days before and before For it's our time and… Continue reading Poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure

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Poetry, Day Five: Imperfect

Imperfect Today write poem about imperfect, mix it up by exploring a fun poetic form, the limerick. Lies and flies and butternut Flowers and Dolly Parton and Jigsaw Mother Theresa and Tinkerbell and captain hook Imperfections sucks Perfections kills And am a sinner saint Imperfectly perfectly beautiful. Dreaded mirror mirror Who is the most horrifically imperfect Sassisily… Continue reading Poetry, Day Five: Imperfect

Moon Faerie by Ed Org
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Poetry Day Three: Friend

Pixie (Looking to flex your poetic muscles today? Give acrostic a try) Pixie flew over the flowers Illuminating joyous lights of laughter,and Xenon everyday admired the little mischievous fairy Iradiated sparks of fire sparkled his heart Everytime Pixie played around the house. Christa_chn  

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Poetry Day Two: Face

Faces (If you’d like to push yourself a bit further today, give alliteration a try) Your face facing fiercely the firmament I should have seen in that moment That my merry jolly heart Would have been broken By a heartless hearty heart. we were once free flying flawlessly Among the fuzzy feast of the nightime… Continue reading Poetry Day Two: Face

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Poetry Day One: Water

Water Let’s get started with the essentials: today, write a poem about water. learn Haiku.   Dipping my feet happily In the cascade Away I dream of eternity. Christa_chn  Frankly, haiku is not my cup of tea, reasons are that in only three lines and so little words you have to put in words the… Continue reading Poetry Day One: Water