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New dawn

Today I felt that I was ready to return on WordPress. The days that are left behind seems to be burning more and more, and here in this little world of mine, there are instabilities in abilities to cohort to the new ordeal that I set myself unto. Being exposed in the mist of the… Continue reading New dawn

My Poems-Proses-Lyrics


Writing one word theme: meaningless I have been ill and many questions have been arising in my mind. I have stopped sleeping, and under pills that renders me as slow as a snail. My mind seems unable to make up words anymore. I feel . . . Well, i feel like crap. I hope these… Continue reading Untracked

Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

An Odd To Ada Lovelace

How sweet and beautiful was the fountain of your heart A name that captures all the proliferation of a morning sunlight The sweet taste of melancholia in the vast castle up in the hill You were amazingly proud and incentive Unvictorian during a Victorian era. Ada, your name reflects the fondness of a lost love… Continue reading An Odd To Ada Lovelace

Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Daily Post Theme: Filter

Pour in the words that takes away every pain But the reality is stranger than fiction And these words of yours just bleeds incessantly It burns its way down my throat And I regurgitate Alphabets filtered through net It sinks till the bottom of my belly And it goes up my tract These alphas are… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Filter

My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Daily Post Theme: Ten

I wear ten scares on the palm of my hands Inflicted by the harsh knives of life The echoes of the chores that it reflects On the still waters of a lake Without surrugating nor tresspassing Latent as ageing death Proning that life itself is a mess These self inflicting illness vapours all over me And i… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Ten

My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Daily Post Theme: Uneven

Words that are left unspoken can kill you little by little. Write, chant or mimic these pain away. Christa  I wish I could explain all the crushing waves that floods my heart Through gersy lips and attached tongues And nostrils filled of perfuming odors My eyes seeing only uneven forms But here I have only… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Uneven


Warmth-developing your eye ll

The winter season has faded away It has shed its cloak of colded breath And here I am in the kitchen Bathing again in the intense rays of sunlight.