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The darkness inside (Poetry)

(image source) The darkness inside I will be waiting Here inside of her Locked in a room of chains Amongst the nothingness Here I will be patient At play while no one's there Childish memories lingers One day I will come out again Unlocked from the chains she chained me For the world will be… Continue reading The darkness inside (Poetry)

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A Mermaid Wish

A Mermaid Wish There is also love in abundance in the heart of sea creatures We love the same way as you human That is why I love you I look at you and I feel my heart beating faster and faster I have chosen you to give myself too The moon is full So… Continue reading A Mermaid Wish

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Tr33 Tree went up the sky With roots still piercing the soil I always wondered if the tree leaves Talked to me as it swung with the breeze To and through Singing a song That stayed forever in my ears. I have always loved trees Congratulations on writing 200 posts on lovelyricism! I made it… Continue reading Tr33

Butterfly on lips
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The eternity of creation

The eternity of creation We all weep tears of destruction Arms to hold us that seems evasive And yet we live through eternity. Christa.

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Stigmata It all seems unreal all this state of mind But if you all see with the eyes of a magician And the eyes of a sorceress Will you believe That life somehow can be saved. The distance that we have to go All the tears that will be shed But if I lend you… Continue reading Stigmata

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Amidst it all

Amidst it all  Hold my hands and never let go Along the mist of this strange life We are going to burst the clouds There is no certainties in this fortitude I kept all the goals afloat An anchor beneath the sea of mist A reteach of the underlines Just hold my hands and never… Continue reading Amidst it all

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A sketch

A sketch It kept sketching away these little colors That painted my life with vivid colors Of white and dark and colorful All the paintings dissolved In the blueish water And I was left colorless. Christa. (Image source)