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Ardent Patchwork-November Notes

A potpourri of some of the song theme for the November Notes writing Challenge. Thank you very much areadingwritr & Sarah Doughty for these wonderful & inspirational challenge, I had so much fun writing these notes all along the way. Ardent Patchwork The buses and trains (song by Bachelor girl) hovered on the water Took me under the grand esplanade… Continue reading Ardent Patchwork-November Notes

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At The Gates

At The Gates (Inspired by the song Floodgates sung by Colbie Caillat for the November Notes Challenge) At the gates of the upper world . . . There was a battle raging with sounds of thunder and cries of a new born At the gates of the upper world . . . I stood unbroken with… Continue reading At The Gates

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V -Meaning

V (Inspired by the song Meaning-Gavin De Graw for the November Notes Challenge) The real meaning of it all That little shinning spark This infallibility in myself My stupidity A kind of loneliness Everything that doesn't make me a human Nothing that makes sense Chaos across the land Raging oceans ashore See, you will never ever… Continue reading V -Meaning

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Sanctuary Of Flowers – Brave Enough

Sanctuary Of Flowers (Inspired by the song Brave Enough by Lindsey Sterling & Christina Perri for the November Notes Challenge) Your heart                    is  a                sanctuary of                    colourful flowers Christa I recently… Continue reading Sanctuary Of Flowers – Brave Enough

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Rebirth – (Sweet Serendipity)

Rebirth (Inspired by the song Sweet Serendipity by Lee DeWyze for the November Notes Challenge) It was a fortunate scramble That look forward to an egg scrumble But as I turned my eyes from this screenshot I found myself in a pistol smoking scrank It was a sweet serendipity One of a lasting gaze One… Continue reading Rebirth – (Sweet Serendipity)

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A Flying Kiss-November Notes

A Flying Kiss I recently decided to participate in the writing challenge: November Notes hosted by areadingwritr & Sarah Doughty, I found the prompts really interesting as it has for main themes—songs. If ever you are interested in participating in this challenge, here are the rules: Write or post anything inspired by the song (the… Continue reading A Flying Kiss-November Notes

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November Notes-Shell Suite

Love   This emptiness inside of me has been replaced by the love of thousands, reminding me that love alone is the cure to my illness & to the icy world that surrounds my ocean of madness. Christa I recently decided to participate in the writing challenge: November Notes hosted by areadingwritr & Sarah Doughty,… Continue reading November Notes-Shell Suite