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In the woods of Abraxas (Prt 3)

Recap of Part two: “Rufus,” cried out Fantasia, “you are inefficient against the entity, you won’t be able to harm her, she will absorb your energy in a matter of seconds—unless I absorb your energy so that we can gain supernatural strength and be able to fight her physically until the ritual of exorcism might… Continue reading In the woods of Abraxas (Prt 3)

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My short stories

Lethal weapon

Lethal Weapon (#Flash Fiction) "I disagree to all that you have said to me, I reject it all, you have cheated on me more than once and you have torn every corner of that little part that was still unstained by the virus of madness, it's all your fault if am only a total mess,… Continue reading Lethal weapon

My short stories

Panic On Board

Panic on board "Lenny am afraid, I don't want to die like that, not here! not now! we just got married, and . . .", Melissa was not able to continue her phrase, and collapsed in the arms of Lenny, crying heavily. "I know my love, all of this is just so unfair, I wanted… Continue reading Panic On Board

My short stories

In the woods of Abraxas (Prt 2)

RECAP OF THE PART ONE OF 'IN THE WOODS OF ABRAXAS': Fantasia suddenly felt a cold breath on the back of her neck; the unbearable smell of decayed animals and rotten flesh—The daimons were lurking at her with a threatening growling noise. Suddenly she catapulted against a tree where everything instantly blacked out… In the… Continue reading In the woods of Abraxas (Prt 2)

My short stories

In the woods of Abraxas (Prt 1)

In the woods of Abraxas (Part 1) (990 words) On their way to the next city, Fantasia’s parents halted at the border of a woodland which was situated in a little village named Abraxas. There—in the woods that surrounded the village, emanated a fogging mystical atmosphere—awakening Fantasia’s natural intuitive sensor of the spirits of the… Continue reading In the woods of Abraxas (Prt 1)

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My short stories

The Goodbye Picnic

The Goodbye Picnic In the little park by the lake of twosomes; there we sat on a wooden stool that seemed to have been cut and polished through a big rooted tree, it was our favorite place, we even have our names carved on the small wooden table that was in the middle. The day… Continue reading The Goodbye Picnic


A Potent Bond

 A Potent Bond (Short Story of 1309 words) Behind the hill of Breslow, existed a castle that was reputed to be haunted, Fantasia overheard people talking about the horrible screams of women that could he heard in the still and motionless night, there in the peculiar darkness—echoed slashing screeches that sent shivers down their spine.… Continue reading A Potent Bond