My short stories

Ignominous (micro fiction)

Ignominous (Day 8 Perfect Strangers-Jonas Blue) He returned home after a long night of working hours as a night watcher in a chemical industry. Tired, he collapsed in his bed beside his girl still coiling in their bed. "Goodmorning sugar pie, how are you doing today? Did you sleep well? there was a little incident that… Continue reading Ignominous (micro fiction)

My short stories

The Spin Of Eternity (Micro Fiction)

You were criminals, you soul assassins, but look behind you, look deep into the colour of the night . . . do you see your assassinator?

My short stories

Captivity #microfiction #fiction

Captivity (short fiction of 811 words) "Where are you my damsel? are you out there? it's getting cold and you're gonna die of coldness in this freezing night, show me your little angelic face, why are you afraid of me, have I not always show you all the love I felt for you, haven't I… Continue reading Captivity #microfiction #fiction

My short stories

The diary #micro fiction

The diary (micro fiction of 928 words) On a fine sunny morning, in the attic of a forgotten and abandoned house, Denver—a girl of 18 years old, discovered an old diary with the initials M.M written on the front crimson page cover of the diary. Denver was a very curious girl and decided to read… Continue reading The diary #micro fiction

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My short stories


Day Three: One-word inspiration Hope Slowly going through that thing that we call life she tries to forget and to forgive. Too much killing inside, too many tears and bruises, just too much that must be put to an end, all these bitter tastes of memories, all of these acidic words that hurts and mutilated her… Continue reading Hope

Girl with dandelion
My short stories

Wish granted (short tale)

Farla the genie looked at me and asked me what were my three wishes. I don't know genie. I don't believe in magic anymore. Everything is so false and complicated. It has nothing to do with people, but with me, it's how I see everything around me and how I would want it to be. I don't need… Continue reading Wish granted (short tale)

My short stories

A letter to the hereafter (#microfiction)

Pingback on APOLOGY Hello my dear friend, Long time not seen isn't it? exactly 15 years and 2 months time without having talked or seen each other, funny how life may be! uncertainties and doubts killing 4 years of faithful friendship and a pocket full of wonderful memories. Today am married and a mother, you… Continue reading A letter to the hereafter (#microfiction)