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Poetry, Day Ten: Future

Future (Feeling especially saucy at the end of this journey? Finish the course on a high note by experimenting with the king of poetic forms, the sonnet) Through the eye of a sphere Beating all the odds Letting the stars burn your atmosphere Taking the universe in your hands All this future atmospheric pressure Sensibilising your… Continue reading Poetry, Day Ten: Future

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Poetry Day Nine: Landscape

Landscape (There's a particular force to poems written in the second person, addressed to a loved one, a place, or an object-it's a  poetic device called apostrophe, and we encourage you to experiment with it in today's poem) Putting my favourite summer little dress There am up in the lightning morning Yearning to be bathed by the… Continue reading Poetry Day Nine: Landscape

Bodypaint beautiful woman
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Poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure

Pleasure (Add some structure to your poem today by making use of anaphora or give epistrophe a shot) Take off tonight the sassy dress from the dress locker For you I'll get undress under the burning Oh the burning starry night light All of our purpose days and the days before and before For it's our time and… Continue reading Poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure

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Intro to poetry, Day seven: Flavor

Flavor (While you're at it, why not also give found poetry a try) Found poetry is a type of poetry created by taking words, phrases, and sometimes whole passages from other sources and reframing them as poetry (a literary equivalent of a collage) by making changes in spacing and lines, or by adding or deleting text,… Continue reading Intro to poetry, Day seven: Flavor

Thunder storm and lightning bolt
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Poetry, Day Six: Screen

(If you're looking to add another nifty item to your poetic toolkit, give enjambment a try) Intro To Poetry: Screen Through the window pane                                                  Astound and mortified        … Continue reading Poetry, Day Six: Screen

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Poetry, Day Five: Imperfect

Imperfect Today write poem about imperfect, mix it up by exploring a fun poetic form, the limerick. Lies and flies and butternut Flowers and Dolly Parton and Jigsaw Mother Theresa and Tinkerbell and captain hook Imperfections sucks Perfections kills And am a sinner saint Imperfectly perfectly beautiful. Dreaded mirror mirror Who is the most horrifically imperfect Sassisily… Continue reading Poetry, Day Five: Imperfect

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Poetry, Day Four: Journey

Today write a poem about a journey. Enhance your poem with a simile if you'd like. Life punches with fists of a boxer Went down under the ring Fought with my hands up Meteorites striking like thunderbolts Every part of my body bruised Blue as indigo Red as a flamenco dancer I fall like the autumn leaves… Continue reading Poetry, Day Four: Journey