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Sanctuary Of Flowers – Brave Enough

Sanctuary Of Flowers (Inspired by the song Brave Enough by Lindsey Sterling & Christina Perri for the November Notes Challenge) Your heart                    is  a                sanctuary of                    colourful flowers Christa I recently… Continue reading Sanctuary Of Flowers – Brave Enough

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November Notes-Tenerife Sea

See The Sea The sea sees through me Where the crowds Seeks for my eyes. Christa I recently decided to participate in the writing challenge: November Notes hosted by areadingwritr & Sarah Doughty, I found the prompts really interesting as it has for main themes—songs. If ever you are interested in participating in this challenge, here are… Continue reading November Notes-Tenerife Sea

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Hertbeat-Yellow #NovemberNotes

Heartbeat As you looked at me My heart skipped a heartbeat MegahertZ. Christa It's my number one musical video clip  because I feel his handsome eyes on me— whenever he looks at me through the screen.   I recently decided to participate in the writing challenge: November Notes hosted on the blog  areadingwritr, I… Continue reading Hertbeat-Yellow #NovemberNotes

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On a Street Called Mercy

On a street called mercy I died in the cold Waiting at your door For you to love me.

Butterfly on lips
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The eternity of creation

The eternity of creation We all weep tears of destruction Arms to hold us that seems evasive And yet we live through eternity. Christa.

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My passion           Is the passion_fruit That sweetens UP My life. Christa

digital colorful moon
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Optical illusion #poetry #Haiku

Optical illusion Shining moon of the night sky Seeping through the dark hole Leaving traces of star dust Dancing in the bright light Christa