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Lethal weapon

Lethal Weapon (#Flash Fiction) "I disagree to all that you have said to me, I reject it all, you have cheated on me more than once and you have torn every corner of that little part that was still unstained by the virus of madness, it's all your fault if am only a total mess,… Continue reading Lethal weapon

My short stories

Panic On Board

Panic on board "Lenny am afraid, I don't want to die like that, not here! not now! we just got married, and . . .", Melissa was not able to continue her phrase, and collapsed in the arms of Lenny, crying heavily. "I know my love, all of this is just so unfair, I wanted… Continue reading Panic On Board

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My short stories

The Goodbye Picnic

The Goodbye Picnic In the little park by the lake of twosomes; there we sat on a wooden stool that seemed to have been cut and polished through a big rooted tree, it was our favorite place, we even have our names carved on the small wooden table that was in the middle. The day… Continue reading The Goodbye Picnic

My short stories

Captivity #microfiction #fiction

Captivity (short fiction of 811 words) "Where are you my damsel? are you out there? it's getting cold and you're gonna die of coldness in this freezing night, show me your little angelic face, why are you afraid of me, have I not always show you all the love I felt for you, haven't I… Continue reading Captivity #microfiction #fiction

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My short stories


Day Three: One-word inspiration Hope Slowly going through that thing that we call life she tries to forget and to forgive. Too much killing inside, too many tears and bruises, just too much that must be put to an end, all these bitter tastes of memories, all of these acidic words that hurts and mutilated her… Continue reading Hope

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My short stories

The Antlers (Short Story)

The Antlers(429 words) In my roofless Cadillac at 2 a.m. in the morning, driving fast on the fast lane and listening loudly to ‘Sexy eyes’ by Whigfield. My eyes filled with tears and my heart broken. He said that it was over, he said that I didn’t interested him anymore, he said that my petals… Continue reading The Antlers (Short Story)

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My short stories

The Cursed Mark

The Cursed Mark I fell down on the ground, the back of my skull hit strongly something cold and damp, a huge sound echoed through my head, it was awful, I lost the battle. Blood spilt all over, I could see my blood mixing with the muddy water and turning the vivid red colour into… Continue reading The Cursed Mark