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Day One-Home As time goes by, I realise more and more about the importance of posting your own pictures as a blogger. So, I have decided to suscribe to the course: Photography: developing your eye 1, given freely by WordPress-so as to improve my photography techniques. All the pictures that will be posted are taken from my… Continue reading Back to Blogging University

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Day Three: One-word inspiration Hope Slowly going through that thing that we call life she tries to forget and to forgive. Too much killing inside, too many tears and bruises, just too much that must be put to an end, all these bitter tastes of memories, all of these acidic words that hurts and mutilated her… Continue reading Hope

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Poetry, Day Five: Imperfect

Imperfect Today write poem about imperfect, mix it up by exploring a fun poetic form, the limerick. Lies and flies and butternut Flowers and Dolly Parton and Jigsaw Mother Theresa and Tinkerbell and captain hook Imperfections sucks Perfections kills And am a sinner saint Imperfectly perfectly beautiful. Dreaded mirror mirror Who is the most horrifically imperfect Sassisily… Continue reading Poetry, Day Five: Imperfect

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Poetry Day One: Water

Water Let’s get started with the essentials: today, write a poem about water. learn Haiku.   Dipping my feet happily In the cascade Away I dream of eternity. Christa_chn  Frankly, haiku is not my cup of tea, reasons are that in only three lines and so little words you have to put in words the… Continue reading Poetry Day One: Water