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Day Three: One-word inspiration Hope Slowly going through that thing that we call life she tries to forget and to forgive. Too much killing inside, too many tears and bruises, just too much that must be put to an end, all these bitter tastes of memories, all of these acidic words that hurts and mutilated her… Continue reading Hope

Thunder storm and lightning bolt
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Poetry, Day Six: Screen

(If you're looking to add another nifty item to your poetic toolkit, give enjambment a try) Intro To Poetry: Screen Through the window pane                                                  Astound and mortified        … Continue reading Poetry, Day Six: Screen

flowers and book
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Poetry, Day Four: Journey

Today write a poem about a journey. Enhance your poem with a simile if you'd like. Life punches with fists of a boxer Went down under the ring Fought with my hands up Meteorites striking like thunderbolts Every part of my body bruised Blue as indigo Red as a flamenco dancer I fall like the autumn leaves… Continue reading Poetry, Day Four: Journey