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Triumphant point of no return

I have been watching the new episodes of the 'Twin Peaks' series, damn its good. The songs in it is so eerie and wonderful, that for this prompt I wanted to make as if I was in this bar and reciting my own eloquent words on its stage . . . lol. Stupid reveries of… Continue reading Triumphant point of no return

Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Distant love

While writing this poem, I thought of my little sister, whose boyfriend lives far away. Never had this kind of love story. But I guess that's how it might feel. Today's prompt: distant Rearing views behind Off the cliff and in the wind Seeing him going away to the end of the world My heart cracks,… Continue reading Distant love

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Brassy feeling

Never heard of the one-word prompt brassy before. Googled it, and choose to write about the meaning; 'sounding like a brass musical instrument; harsh and loud', which is about the beating of once heart when we feel a peek in our emotions. What is this feeling So many things intermingling Brassy and cacophonous sounds to my heartling… Continue reading Brassy feeling

My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Tracing back to love

I was thinking about all these stories that trace back to millions of eras in time. And sometimes these myths makes me wonder . . . and I find myself thinking that perhaps, yes, perhaps that we are loved more than we would ever know. How good the makers were When fire was gifted to… Continue reading Tracing back to love

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The recent ‘whys’ in my life

The 'whys' in your life are only to clarify the direction you are giving to your life. Christa These recent days have been tough for the thinking part of my brain. Lots of questions raised in my head--questions about the things that I have set myself to do in order to create and sustain a… Continue reading The recent ‘whys’ in my life

Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

The pond

  Today's prompt descend induced in me a nostalgic perfume of a long lost time.  I remembered the day when I went for a walk by the pond There were flowers of every colours and of every scent They were dancing with the Eastern breezy air The water was still, with fairy like insects loving and… Continue reading The pond


Royalty masquerade.

farce: Today prompt. (This is really a farce . . .lol) She walked into the somptuous room, decorated of golden pines and needles. She waited all of her life for this special day; at last she was going to sit on that throne, she was going to command, and she was going to be feared.… Continue reading Royalty masquerade.