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The pond

  Today's prompt descend induced in me a nostalgic perfume of a long lost time.  I remembered the day when I went for a walk by the pond There were flowers of every colours and of every scent They were dancing with the Eastern breezy air The water was still, with fairy like insects loving and… Continue reading The pond


Royalty masquerade.

farce: Today prompt. (This is really a farce . . .lol) She walked into the somptuous room, decorated of golden pines and needles. She waited all of her life for this special day; at last she was going to sit on that throne, she was going to command, and she was going to be feared.… Continue reading Royalty masquerade.

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest

Every man for himself and god for all

Today one-word prompt is collaboration. Well, I guess that many people have found a good deal in collaborating with others . . . as for me my past life collaborations were all failures . . . lol. But I have learned a great deal from these past failures; thus forging a unique personal sight view… Continue reading Every man for himself and god for all

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest

Final me

I really don't know if I should talk about the sadness that is weighing so heavily in my heart . . . should I go on spreading my negativity on my WP blog . . . or perhaps am I really sad right now! or how am I feeling this time! But the distance between… Continue reading Final me

My short stories

Pink Manhood

Today one-word prompt is Pink. Sitting quietly in an immaculate room With my legs hanging on the armchair Mother came in & said: "Pretty girls sit properly" So I dip my pen in the pot of pink ink Emasculating my feminine lining I put on a coat as dark as charcoal Sublimating my contour bodily shaping… Continue reading Pink Manhood

My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Im Mortals

While riding one of my nimbus today (dreaming eyes wide open), I have been wondering about what may stay, and about what may die, and I couldn't help myself from thinking if we were only mere mortal bodies who decays and putrefies with time, and yet, under this decaying skin lays an immortal soul. It… Continue reading Im Mortals

My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

New dawn

Today I felt that I was ready to return on WordPress. The days that are left behind seems to be burning more and more, and here in this little world of mine, there are instabilities in abilities to cohort to the new ordeal that I set myself unto. Being exposed in the mist of the… Continue reading New dawn