Eerisome Fantasia

Cover for the series Eerisome Fantasia by Christa Chn
Eerisome Fantasia: ‘Ghosts were once humans’


Eerisome Fantasia: ‘Ghosts were once humans’


Gothic Horror//Gothic Fiction




Eerisome Fantasia is about the creepy gotic adventures of a gypsy girl named Fantasia—a girl of 18 years old living with her parents—Bershka and Vlaslow. They travel from one region to another by the means of a modern caravan. Coming from a long family bloodlines of occult practitioners, Fantasia has been gifted of the aptitude of clairvoyance—with the ability of sensing, seeing and talking to any form of spirits. In every region they stopover, Fantasia has for main avocation the visiting of all the places that are said to be haunted, so as to learn more about the stories of the ghosts that lives in these sinister places and sometimes she helps them too. she also loves to write, and thus she keeps all of her ghostly adventures in a journal.

Most of the phantoms that she encounters are mainly people who died in another century.


Eerisome Fantasia is a mini-series that is written by me, where fictionalized tales connected to horror and fearfulness comes to life. I have always dreamed of writing some horror stuff for all the gore and horror lovers out there. Through the writing of this little online series, I finally get to put in words some of the everyday awfulness and disgust that takes place in our world, it’s my own way of vomiting and spitting through words the ugliness that surrounds us.

And as always a little pinch of romance will come join the show so as to give life to those ghosts that died a very long time ago.


Horror is a self-fabricated aesthetic artful context of desolation and approbation of our mind to help us elope from a world that scrutinize the movement of people who don’t endorse the main quality of what a so-called normal human being or brain is made of. It’s a renegade style of living and a way of seeing, that perpetually puts our own ways of living in the greatest position of being outsiders and malevolent. But what beautifies horror is beyond every misunderstood interpretation made around that genre and about the people that reflects their personality through a form of awesomeness.

What is being seen and taken for the art of luciferian is only the reflection of a nebulous deviant mind creating the everyday perpetration of what happens all around us—shocking news heard on the radio, dreadful summaries read in news gazettes and horrid scenes watched on television news.

Some people are over the edge and distort the conception of the term ‘horror’ or anything that is connected to ‘dark art’, in the everyday course of life there are all forms of aberrations, mutilation and exaggerated use of any form of art, so is it in horror, which as a matter of fact gives rise to repulsion, misunderstanding and hatred from the point of view of a certain category people. But for one last time, the love of horror or any other inventive artistic dark forms has nothing to do with one being a demonic person or things like that.


Every Monday I will be posting an episode of Eerisome Fantasia, and this page will be the place where you might click-through all the episodic Pingback links that can be found in the comment section. Posting of the series will be every Monday at 18.00 in African time, 14.00 in European time,  15.30 in Indian times, 22.30 in Australian and Oceanic time and 10 am in North and Central American time.

I hope that you will all enjoy taking a tour with Fantasia on her ghostly adventures. Till then have a bloody day, laying on a sofa and sipping a Bloody Mary while watching a bloody movie road trip.



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