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Writing Challenge: Speak Out

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the 'discovery challenges' hosted on . . . all of this because of an issue that I noticed I have been going through. I write poems and short stories with some ease, but when it comes to write an article about what I really feel about a… Continue reading Writing Challenge: Speak Out

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Daily Post Theme: Privacy

Privacy lurks deep in a comatose And i erect a wall of china all around To keep the scavengers very far away. I love privacy , and I also love calmness too. It's the ultimate place where I feel safe and free to be who I really am. You are behind your curtain and you loose… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Privacy

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My written English language in the loop & 5 ways how I ameliorated my written skills.

My written English language in the loop & 5 ways how I ameliorated my written skills Lately, I have been battling to re-edit all of my older WordPress posts—which were in a big messy written language. When I went through all of these posts again, I literally died of shame  . . . (Laughing out… Continue reading My written English language in the loop & 5 ways how I ameliorated my written skills.

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The prose of an immigrant

The prose of an immigrant The freedom to spread my wings towards a land of freedom A chance to know the real meaning of living without fright Risking my life to escape violence, hatred and poverty. It was none of my intention to snatch the food out of the mouth of your children Am not… Continue reading The prose of an immigrant

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month  I will never feel your illness I will never hold your hands While your suffering I will never wipe away all of your tears But I want you to know . . . That am with you in this. Christa  

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Generosity you said!

Generosity you said! Generosity is something that emerge from the heart and kisses the cheeks of those that feel cold and miserable. I was raised by a mother who taught me since a very young age the importance of being generous towards those people who were needier than us, I must admit that sometimes I… Continue reading Generosity you said!

International Day Of Peace Poster with planet and dove
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Energy Of Peace And Love

Energy of peace and love On this day of celebration of peace My heart goes to the population of the earth To all my brothers and sisters Yes ... you all No matter the color of your skin No matter your background If what flows in your veins is the same as I ... Then… Continue reading Energy Of Peace And Love

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I hope that humanity restores it's faith I hope where there is sadness and tears lights may shine upon their fate I hope that in some months all these nightmares will seems very far I hope that all of our archaic thought would vanish in fumes I know that lives have been broken I know… Continue reading Humanity

Earth from space
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Gaia (Mother Earth)

Gaia (Mother Earth) Earth, home for humans and other various creatures, she who protects us from every external threats, yet we tend to break her heart deep from the bottom of her core. We humans forget that planet earth is the source of all our living resources, water flows from her source and quenching our… Continue reading Gaia (Mother Earth)

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Parenting: Studying

Parenting: Studying I have two sons, the older one is aged 7 and the younger one is 5 years old, they are on school holidays since one week and will be back at school at the end of this month. I have decided to help my older son upon catching up with his studies after… Continue reading Parenting: Studying