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Daily Post Theme: Overwhelming

Being overwhelmed is a feeling that  am used to. Beating depression without being overwhelmed by chaotic emotions . . . well, I know the feels and the beast that you transform in. I guess that I will always be oversensitive to some situations that will always have a deep impact on my sensitive feelings. .… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Overwhelming

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Daily Post Theme: Privacy

Privacy lurks deep in a comatose And i erect a wall of china all around To keep the scavengers very far away. I love privacy , and I also love calmness too. It's the ultimate place where I feel safe and free to be who I really am. You are behind your curtain and you loose… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Privacy

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Sanctuary Of Flowers – Brave Enough

Sanctuary Of Flowers (Inspired by the song Brave Enough by Lindsey Sterling & Christina Perri for the November Notes Challenge) Your heart                    is  a                sanctuary of                    colourful flowers Christa I recently… Continue reading Sanctuary Of Flowers – Brave Enough

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November Notes-Shell Suite

Love   This emptiness inside of me has been replaced by the love of thousands, reminding me that love alone is the cure to my illness & to the icy world that surrounds my ocean of madness. Christa I recently decided to participate in the writing challenge: November Notes hosted by areadingwritr & Sarah Doughty,… Continue reading November Notes-Shell Suite

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Internet caput!

Internet caput! I guess that you have all noticed that I was not online for some days now—well, this is due to the fact that I had no internet since Wednesday—Ethernet; even my mobile date was dead! And it’s only on Saturday that my internet was on the way to go again. All this was… Continue reading Internet caput!

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Not A Test But A Learning Path

Not A Test But A Learning Path I have been reading the great book on the life of Bill Clinton—on which I will shortly write a review on, and I read a phrase in his biographic that has moved me, and it goes that way: I had learned again that I could take a hit… Continue reading Not A Test But A Learning Path

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Love it

  Love it Whatever falls into your hands Grab it Cherish it And love it. Christa