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Solace (Film Review)

Solace (Movie Review) WHAT’S THE NAME OF THE MOVIE? Solace WHO DIRECTED THE MOVIE? Afonso Poyart WHAT’S THE GENRE OF THIS MOVIE? Intense Psychological thriller WHO CAN WATCH THAT MOVIE? It’s for an advised audience that are already initiated to the mystery genres sprinkled with religious dogma; mingled with red sauce and a little dose… Continue reading Solace (Film Review)


The longest ride movie

The longest ride movie 'The longest ride' is a great romantic movie, I have enjoyed watching it yesterday. It's the kind of movie that moves me with its great views and beautiful soundtracks. This romantic movie has all the necessary ingredients so as to make us have a good time watching it. The longest ride… Continue reading The longest ride movie


American Beauty

American Beauty I guess that there is a time in life where you need to do some cleaning in your personal life, a time of new birth, and seeing things again as they truly are, refocus on certain aspects of the inner you and taking the time to live your life without overthinking about what tomorrow… Continue reading American Beauty

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Game Of Thrones

Who doesn't know the famous television series 'Game of Thrones' from the book of series written by George R.R Martin—with sexy women and men, tortured people, freaky people and creatures, very bad to the bone youngsters, cool costumes, very intense sexual scenes..hmmm, heart cold characters and extreme violence - psychos alert please :). And of course… Continue reading Game Of Thrones

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Star Wars:_: The Force Awakens

Star Wars:_: The Force Awakens We finally entered the year 2016—and here closes another chapter of our lives, as I have written here, I wanna go with the flow of life and have a zen attitude towards everything. Puff, today let's kick dramas in the *** and let's keep going with the movie STAR WARS - THE… Continue reading Star Wars:_: The Force Awakens


Happiness Therapy

Happiness Therapy 2015, what a year for some people who have undergone many changes, there are 12 months in a year, and we tend to say that we will be doing this and that in the course of the year and there we seem to be stuck at the same point, we say that we… Continue reading Happiness Therapy



THE BEACH Went to the beach yesterday, had so much fun after such a long time with my children and my cousins, but today me and my two sons were burned by the sun . . . lol, I completely forgot to put the sun protection cream yesterday before going to the beach and today… Continue reading THE BEACH