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A Dead Trunk-Developing Your Eye II

Day Four of WP Blogging University Course: “Natural World” — Leading Lines It takes time to train your eyes to look for leading lines. Look for strong vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines in your setting, as well as curves and shapes that draw your eye toward certain parts of your photo. The poetry of the… Continue reading A Dead Trunk-Developing Your Eye II


Street-Photography:developing your eye

Yesterday went to visit my mother and I took a picture of the road on our way home. It was raining a little bit yesterday afternoon.

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest, Mauritius

Back to Blogging University

Day One-Home As time goes by, I realise more and more about the importance of posting your own pictures as a blogger. So, I have decided to suscribe to the course: Photography: developing your eye 1, given freely by WordPress-so as to improve my photography techniques. All the pictures that will be posted are taken from my… Continue reading Back to Blogging University


Escapade on another island

Sunday 17th October, the weather was fine and beautiful—sandwiches and all the necessary clothes in the bag so as to have a trip on another island in the sea called Island of Benitiers found in the south West of Mauritius. I took some pictures of the scenery of our little escapade and I thought that… Continue reading Escapade on another island


World Tourism Day 2016

World Tourism Day 2016 We celebrated the World Tourism Day  on the 27th of September, and I have written this post so as to share with all of you some pictures that I have recently taken in the South of Mauritius. I must say that I have the chance of living on an island that is… Continue reading World Tourism Day 2016

Armor of Mauritius
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Our paradise

My dear beautiful island My star and my key I guess I have never written about you before Only in lost poetries sent in the sea Praying that a sailor would come and take me away And that a mermaid would fall in love with your beauty Messages in bottles describing our paradise I guess… Continue reading Our paradise

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World Oceans Day

The World Oceans Day As I live on an island surrounded by the sea, I couldn't miss the opportunity of writing an article about the World Oceans Day, which is celebrated each year on the 8th of June since the year 1992. The ocean holds 97% of our planet water and is a great source… Continue reading World Oceans Day