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The Daily Post Theme: Nuance  Look me in the eyes & dare to paint a portrait of me You would find all the colors in your palets There would be nunaces of grey of blue & of red And if it doesn't suffice i'll blow to you a special colour One that dares not to be… Continue reading Portrait

Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

An Odd To Ada Lovelace

How sweet and beautiful was the fountain of your heart A name that captures all the proliferation of a morning sunlight The sweet taste of melancholia in the vast castle up in the hill You were amazingly proud and incentive Unvictorian during a Victorian era. Ada, your name reflects the fondness of a lost love… Continue reading An Odd To Ada Lovelace


Locked out of WordPress again!! 

Its happening again, i am unable to comment, my account is having some serious problems, as i don't have much time to go into these matters, i guess that you won't see me for a very long time. All is good what is good.

Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Daily Post Theme: Yellow

Show me the colour of your soul Blast it open Yellow as the sun & radiant as the moon Write it in words & poetic lyrics Give to the world a bit of your light And let yourself be as the horizon.

Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Daily Post Theme: Filter

Pour in the words that takes away every pain But the reality is stranger than fiction And these words of yours just bleeds incessantly It burns its way down my throat And I regurgitate Alphabets filtered through net It sinks till the bottom of my belly And it goes up my tract These alphas are… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Filter

Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Daily Post Theme: Exposure

It takes a lot to endure the pain The sound of tears lure the darkness It comes to end your life and cure the sickness Brainless null sets sore on the lines And your in an exposure of cataclysm I bet you pour this poisoning liquid in your veins To take away your pain But… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Exposure

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest, Love

2017 Wishes

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right- Oprah Winfrey We finally entered the year 2017—so, happy New Year to all the bloggers and visitors passing by (I suppose some would say better late than never :-). It’s a whole New Year with chances and prospective of a whole… Continue reading 2017 Wishes

Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Mystery-developing your eye ll

Tell me that you see it please . . . The carving of an alienated face . . . Something that take me in an empty place A place where strange bodily spectre talks to me Somewhere that only echos in my eyes And sometimes the lights force itself inside.


Warmth-developing your eye ll

The winter season has faded away It has shed its cloak of colded breath And here I am in the kitchen Bathing again in the intense rays of sunlight.

Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Ardent Patchwork-November Notes

A potpourri of some of the song theme for the November Notes writing Challenge. Thank you very much areadingwritr & Sarah Doughty for these wonderful & inspirational challenge, I had so much fun writing these notes all along the way. Ardent Patchwork The buses and trains (song by Bachelor girl) hovered on the water Took me under the grand esplanade… Continue reading Ardent Patchwork-November Notes