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Writing one word theme: meaningless I have been ill and many questions have been arising in my mind. I have stopped sleeping, and under pills that renders me as slow as a snail. My mind seems unable to make up words anymore. I feel . . . Well, i feel like crap. I hope these… Continue reading Untracked

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest

I Will Be Like A Leaf From Now On

Why this title? . . .well it all started some months ago, I have been going through a stage of insomnia . . . I will go to bed, sleep for about 4 hours and after these hours of sleep, I would wake up and never be able to sleep again until the morning hours.… Continue reading I Will Be Like A Leaf From Now On

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The Daily Post Theme: Nuance  Look me in the eyes & dare to paint a portrait of me You would find all the colors in your palets There would be nunaces of grey of blue & of red And if it doesn't suffice i'll blow to you a special colour One that dares not to be… Continue reading Portrait

Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

An Odd To Ada Lovelace

How sweet and beautiful was the fountain of your heart A name that captures all the proliferation of a morning sunlight The sweet taste of melancholia in the vast castle up in the hill You were amazingly proud and incentive Unvictorian during a Victorian era. Ada, your name reflects the fondness of a lost love… Continue reading An Odd To Ada Lovelace

Blogging-Solopreneur Quest

‘My’ Point of View

Perspective We each inhabit a specific vantage point from which we blog. What’s yours? I may not be the best writer out there, nor someone with a degree from a prestigious university. But what I know for sure is that I have things to say and a world to create, and this gives me all… Continue reading ‘My’ Point of View


Locked out of WordPress again!! 

Its happening again, i am unable to comment, my account is having some serious problems, as i don't have much time to go into these matters, i guess that you won't see me for a very long time. All is good what is good.

My short stories

Daily Post Theme: Jiggle

I heard its voice in the corner of my bedroom. It was dark, and even the light of the moon was hidden by the darkness of the sky. I was afraid and too tantalized to wake up from my bed to turn on the light, and in this critical moment i thought,  If only i… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Jiggle

Social Awareness

Writing Challenge: Speak Out

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the 'discovery challenges' hosted on . . . all of this because of an issue that I noticed I have been going through. I write poems and short stories with some ease, but when it comes to write an article about what I really feel about a… Continue reading Writing Challenge: Speak Out

Sayings, Thoughts & Quotes

Daily Post Theme: Overwhelming

Being overwhelmed is a feeling that  am used to. Beating depression without being overwhelmed by chaotic emotions . . . well, I know the feels and the beast that you transform in. I guess that I will always be oversensitive to some situations that will always have a deep impact on my sensitive feelings. .… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Overwhelming

My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Daily Post Theme: Resist

I will resist the urge of kissing your lips And in the fraction on a seizure My heart will be broken in thousand pieces If i stay...if i stay, we will burn down everything Your body seduces the ectoplasm of my mind Am spellbound and bound to you Invisible threads locking us away Oh how i wish...just… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Resist