About lovelyricism

I feel so intensely the delights of shutting oneself up in a little world of one’s own with pictures and music and everything beautiful.

Virginia Woolf.

The meaning behind my blog

It has not been easy at all to start lovelyricism, but at the end, I have finally made up my mind on what to put on the blog I wanted so much to create. I have been turning around for days and weeks, with so many hesitations about what to write and how to call this blog, and suddenly my brain was stroked about the idea of conception of the blog—which is the ‘love’ theme, so undeniably I looked up-to the word ‘lovelyricism’—which is the crossover of two words, love and lyricism (The beautiful expression of personal thoughts and feelings in writings or music).

The blog lovelyricism is a collection of all the things that I appreciate and love—assembled under one roof—it’s like a supermarket where you can choose from my various ‘categories’ and pick up the label of your choice in the ‘tag’ section.

It’s a very vast subject when it comes to the things we love—for it is perceived in many ways, each and everyone of us gives birth to this emotion and feeling in their own ways and without even noticing it we all become artists through the creation of Poetry, Stories, Music, Movies, Arts, Photography and so much more. 

My objectives for lovelyricism

Before creating this blog, I always questioned myself on what I intended to achieve with this blog, and my first answer was always ‘to help’, but I never found the proper subject that I wanted to amplify on. 

So, I have recently decided that I will blog on my adventure towards my new desire of embracing online business entrepreneurship. I will blog upon my own discovery of the internet at the beginning, the posts that I will write will not be long, but short and in a comprehensive language. 

In a near future I also intend to sell handmade products around here, to blog about fashion too, I know it’s way too much for someone alone to do all of this, but I will try my best, and we will see where all this will carry us (like a leaf blown by the wind).

Truth is I love so many things, that I find it hard to find only one niche (Also I would get bored easily and abandon it all, I am someone who constantly needs adrenaline:-)

Also all the contents around here is short and written in simple English as myself isn’t a native English speaker.

Contents that you might find around here

I consider this blog as a personal blogazine where I blog about all the things that I love, and through it I aspire in attaining my own goals, so here you will mostly have my own opinion on different matters split into categories:

  1. The Island I come from which is Mauritius.
  2.  My own poems that can inspire your own writings.
  3. My own short stories which you can turn into your own story ideas and inspire your writings unless stated otherwise.
  4. My wannabe entrepreneurship journey which I hope will encourage all of you.
  5. Films that I love and which perhaps you might love too.
  6. Books that makes sense to me and that you might also appreciate.
  7. Music that echoes to my heart.
  8. Thoughts and quotes that have valuable philosophical & spiritual meaning.

And at last for people who have inspired me in a way or the other, and to all those passing by, I want to say a big WELCOME and a big THANK YOU.

If you want to know a little bit more about me, then click  here.

With love, gratitude and appreciation

Christa Chn.


13 thoughts on “About lovelyricism”

  1. Good luck with love, both finding it and understanding it.

    As Robert Burns said:
    Had we never lov’d sae kindly,
    Had we never lov’d sae blindly,
    Never met – or never parted,
    We had ne’er been broken-hearted.

    Liked by 1 person

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