I cringe and wait

Yesterday I fell on an artist named odd nerdrum, whom paintings struck me with such an intense nostalgia that I felt that today I should write something on one of his so sad paintings. I tried to convey through words on today’s prompt cringe my own perception of one of his paintings, where a woman waits patiently for her lover in the next life.

As the world vanished in a thick vapour steam
I cringed myself to the last scent of my being
Flushing and smashing signals till my body stopped approving
Proudly speaking of the silliness of having to node the head.
To which ignominie of an extent I have to face
It struck as harsh as an ark in the heart
Should I commit I asked myself . . .
For what purpose he said . . .
The harm was already made since a very long time
And as timeless times went by
So did the thickness of my illness
And here I wait patiently
Taking it in and out
Waiting reasonably for what is due to me
Waiting for love in another time
And I cringe, and i wait.



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