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Triumphant point of no return

I have been watching the new episodes of the ‘Twin Peaks’ series, damn its good. The songs in it is so eerie and wonderful, that for this prompt I wanted to make as if I was in this bar and reciting my own eloquent words on its stage . . . lol. Stupid reveries of mine.

Sleek and slide inside my heart
Creep and move to make me see in distort
Cringe and finch to bend my bones
I see no other way out
I see no other way in
Just the ruminations of suffocations
Daring to prove to the world that am a nobody
But I know my worth
I shatter my indecisions
I tame my esteem
I understand my inferiority.
Then comes along
                                Eloquence and triumph
shutting back
Going forth
Clasping the fists
Tearing out the anger
And smile with love
And live with ardour
I found my place in the universe
I won’t go back to defeat
I know myself
I accept myself
Finally I conquered with peace my own self
There’s no going back.



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