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Distant love

While writing this poem, I thought of my little sister, whose boyfriend lives far away. Never had this kind of love story. But I guess that’s how it might feel. Today’s prompt: distant

Rearing views behind
Off the cliff and in the wind
Seeing him going away to the end of the world
My heart cracks, my eyes wets
And yet in the distance
Love continues in silence.
Chains that binds us
lengthens to keep us together
Everyday a bird keeps singing
Telling me that you are fine
In the distance that binds us forever.



15 thoughts on “Distant love”

  1. Well Christa this is the Distant love.
    I have written one poem with rhymes on the same word Distant Heart, which was reblogged five times by my ardent readers. I hope you have not read it. If would want to I shall give the link or you may see it in my Poetry menu.
    Can I now put that in the daily prompt.
    With Great Love

    Liked by 1 person

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