I cringe and wait

Yesterday I fell on an artist named odd nerdrum, whom paintings struck me with such an intense nostalgia that I felt that today I should write something on one of his so sad paintings. I tried to convey through words on today's prompt cringe my own perception of one of his paintings, where a woman waits patiently… Continue reading I cringe and wait

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Uncorked bottle

Nevermind . . . just a silly metaphor for today's prompt. My love was kept in a bottle for such a long time It rattled and shaken and sparkled Fearsome little imprisoned twinkle fire work Trembling with rage Wanting to be set free But like a bird in a cageling refusing to sing out of… Continue reading Uncorked bottle

Love, My Poems-Proses-Lyrics

Triumphant point of no return

I have been watching the new episodes of the 'Twin Peaks' series, damn its good. The songs in it is so eerie and wonderful, that for this prompt I wanted to make as if I was in this bar and reciting my own eloquent words on its stage . . . lol. Stupid reveries of… Continue reading Triumphant point of no return

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Distant love

While writing this poem, I thought of my little sister, whose boyfriend lives far away. Never had this kind of love story. But I guess that's how it might feel. Today's prompt: distant Rearing views behind Off the cliff and in the wind Seeing him going away to the end of the world My heart cracks,… Continue reading Distant love

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Brassy feeling

Never heard of the one-word prompt brassy before. Googled it, and choose to write about the meaning; 'sounding like a brass musical instrument; harsh and loud', which is about the beating of once heart when we feel a peek in our emotions. What is this feeling So many things intermingling Brassy and cacophonous sounds to my heartling… Continue reading Brassy feeling