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The recent ‘whys’ in my life

The ‘whys’ in your life are only to clarify the direction you are giving to your life. Christa


These recent days have been tough for the thinking part of my brain. Lots of questions raised in my head–questions about the things that I have set myself to do in order to create and sustain a future funnel of income and profitability. I guess that it’s the time for me to stop taking all the things that I have been doing till now for granted, while thinking that all of these would go to waste.

From now on, I want everything that I am doing be compared to a circle, from where I will be controlling each and every movement of the rotating circle from the centre of it; and that in the end, each and every effort that I am putting in spinning the circle will be beneficial to my entrepreneurial quest.

Thinking very hard about all of it, I could have resolved myself on taking a job where I would get a fix payment at the end of each month, and thus avoiding the hassle of becoming an entrepreneur; which is something quite hard to do because of the struggle to think about the why, the what, and the how to create this one thing which will enable the person to make profits and be able to sustain, while keeping it alive until his/ her very last breath.

Since the beginning of it all, I am running in every corner of the web so as to read everything that might help me in my quest; listening to podcasts, watching talks on YouTube . . . and this all for what reasons! it’s not like I am becoming one of those next revolutionised techies startups . . . nope, I just want to write a book, blog about my life, become a reseller, and sell my own products . . . so where does this need to listen and read all of these renown international marketers, billionaire ceo, pod-casters, entrepreneurs making millions, and so many other more, when all I really want to do is write and sell things, and make some dough so as to be less dependent on my husband.

And this is from where a bunch of questions raised in my brain, as I had the feeling that I was going nowhere; stagnated in my own space while figuring it out how to move further. But the truth is that I am progressing like a turtle, stumbling here and there—not even half way, but even though . . . continuing.

Here are some of these questions that have been bothering me:

Why persist to continue on the path of being an entrepreneur, when it’s so tough?

Well, I don’t think that I am in the state of working for others, or take orders from somebody else, I have enough given of myself for other people. I am in need of having control over my life and the things that I do. So what is better than working for myself.

Why continue blogging, isn’t it a waste of time?

No it isn’t. It’s the proof of the new foundation that I want to build. Whether I make it online or not, I have a place where I can blog about day-to-day life.

Why do I really want to become an author, when I know that it’s darn hard?

To fulfill a dream . . . to know that I can.

I hope that the next time doubtful questions rise in your head, you remember that only you can give the answers to these self interrogations.


14 thoughts on “The recent ‘whys’ in my life”

  1. Just this weekend I read an article reviewing a study of the regrets people have. The most important one was of dreams and plans not carried out. So I say, go for it! Even if you do not have the success you wanted, at least you tried.
    After having been dismissed and having tried to get a job for two years, I decided to become an entrepreneur. One of the best decisions of my life! Yes, your (financial) situation could be insecure, but the benefits of deciding what you want to do and how, not mentioning the freedom, for me were much more important. So I will be interested your next posts.


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