Royalty masquerade.

farce: Today prompt. (This is really a farce . . .lol)

She walked into the somptuous room, decorated of golden pines and needles. She waited all of her life for this special day; at last she was going to sit on that throne, she was going to command, and she was going to be feared. She wore a long black dress, ornated with silky motifs of pines and needles . . . Her obcessions, in her feet she wore a pointy babouches slippers-same as Aladdin. When she walked, in was in the style of a came.

She had her chin in an upward manner, lookin proud as a peacock.

They put the crown on her head, and she proclaimed, “today I am queen,” and she bursted into a loud wicked laugh. But suddenly all of the people present, also bursted out laughing. That’s when she looked onto a mirror and noticed that a big leaf of green lettuce was stuck in her teeth.


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