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Every man for himself and god for all

Today one-word prompt is collaboration. Well, I guess that many people have found a good deal in collaborating with others . . . as for me my past life collaborations were all failures . . . lol. But I have learned a great deal from these past failures; thus forging a unique personal sight view with whom I should really invest my precious time, where something solid, grounded and beautiful could come into creation.

I learned that a great deal of mutual trust is a must, if you feel that there is something wrong, then terminate the association right away. If you feel that you are being tested, don’t become a private detective or worst—trying to play with what you have been evaluated for, and before hand there has to be a very profound understanding of the natural characteristic of the other collaborator/s so as to avoid any future disagreement or any other kinds of abuse or exploitation.

Well, to me collaboration is like a wedding engagement, but more professional and with so many things to loose if ever it goes down the road. So know your collaborators as you know thyself, as for me, I don’t think that I will go down that line . . . at least . . . well, I’ll see . . .


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