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Final me

I really don’t know if I should talk about the sadness that is weighing so heavily in my heart . . . should I go on spreading my negativity on my WP blog . . . or perhaps am I really sad right now! or how am I feeling this time! But the distance between the low tides and the high tides in my life isn’t that very far.

There are the good times, and there are the bad times . . . and we just have to go with it, never-mind the loneliness or the sickness that shapes us. We breath and we live among piles of trashes, infested of killing insects that comes out of the dark . . . and then we are still here breathing and shooting for the things that will endeavour our lives. I am trying to step out of these negative compulsions, but it’s hard, you know, but as goes the saying; “Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way” and I have to believe in this philosophy, I have to cling to my own ethics, and not let other people define and shape that rough characteristic of mine.

This year I am playing my final round, and if I get out of it without any scratch, I guess that finally I would be able to merge the woman I am with the little girl I once was, and transmute into a jovial, carefree and common sensed person.


10 thoughts on “Final me”

  1. Merging the Woman in the Girl, what a feeling to have known two identities of your own self. This is not an ordinary feeling, it takes years to know of these two different identities, and you want merge them. Wow! My Pats! Christa

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