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Im Mortals

Chronos, Greek god of time, father of Zeus. Image found on (Artist unknown)

While riding one of my nimbus today (dreaming eyes wide open), I have been wondering about what may stay, and about what may die, and I couldn’t help myself from thinking if we were only mere mortal bodies who decays and putrefies with time, and yet, under this decaying skin lays an immortal soul.

It was a bitter sweet memory of a time
where tracks of seconds seemed lost in a
                                                                        Frenetic bursting scream of haltered state
Like a dragon’s exhausted flames
Same as a fish dying out of the underwater air
I see through this life a kinetic impulse
                                                                     That desires to slow down to the voice of a
                                                                                                                               latent shift in time
Merciless and pitiless time . . .
What have you done to the world . . .
Is it regeneration, or is it death.



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