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An Odd To Ada Lovelace

The painting portrait of Ada Lovelace
Countess of Lovelace

How sweet and beautiful was the fountain of your heart
A name that captures all the proliferation of a morning sunlight
The sweet taste of melancholia in the vast castle up in the hill
You were amazingly proud and incentive
Unvictorian during a Victorian era.

Ada, your name reflects the fondness of a lost love
And beckons the tormentality of a poetic story
Soothing feminine intelligence to this world
Brave by nature, and irrevocable by destiny.

How sweet and tender were you
Sacading your way into a crowded mindless thoughts
I love your impetuosity &
The softness of your strange eyes
Reveals the fondness of mysticism
How lucky paradise is, to have such a lady like you.


I found the name of this amazing lady through the Google Doodle for International's women day. I loved what I have read on her. She had a beautiful story. She was also one of the daughters of Lord Byron—the poet. Ada Lovelace is known as being the first 'computer programmer'—isn't this amazing? She really was a fascinating woman of the Victorian era. 

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