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‘My’ Point of View


We each inhabit a specific vantage point from which we blog. What’s yours?

I may not be the best writer out there, nor someone with a degree from a prestigious university. But what I know for sure is that I have things to say and a world to create, and this gives me all the right to designate myself as a writer or as a blogger. Fuck the system :)

The more I write, the more I love this little world where—whether being alone in the corner of my little room, or sitting in front of my television, I can let my imagination wander to all kinds of unimaginable thoughts, and put everything that I feel into words through the writing process.

My perspective on the matter of realizing something is not the same as yours . . . nor yours is the same as mine! It’s clearly impossible that two people might think the same way or interpret life on the same point of view—the path that we take to clearly realize something about life is not the same for everyone. We might all reach the final destination at point B—but to take from A to go to B, each and everyone of us will not make the same voyage.

I love to advocate about individualism and non conformism, for the fact that people who goes against the norm; are the most inspiring people in the world (well, to my own perspective). Each and everyone are rare and beautiful in their own context of creating, thinking and ways of being . . . but above all, we all have our own voice. If we take a closer look at our own writings or any other form of art— don’t they reveal the traits of our unique identity? For me Van Gogh’s dominant use of blue in almost all of his paintings has always fascinated me, even the masked Zorro that signs his name with the pointy end of his sword has his own signature, and it’s all in my own perspective of seeing things.

From my point of view, everyone who might be writing on the same blog post—concerning a particular matter does not have the same voice or style of writing. I believe that the genuineness of once writing style transpose into the words and create a soothing and beautiful experience for the reader. But in the other way, while someone has not put all of his/her feelings, and guts inside the creation of their words, there is a decadent shift in the way readers will be experiencing the going through of our articles, or books.

We insufflate life in our words and make them come into existence to give them the potential of touching the heart of each and every readers out there—and this is why I want to continue to write. I have understood that I should not care about the perspective of another being’s critics on my blogging style and writing—their point of view is theirs, and my job is to keep on writing on things that matters the most to me. People are only people, and words are only words.

WordPress helps us in many ways to achieve the quotas of self realization on our abilities of shaping our words into something beautiful. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have a horde of people that follows our adventures, what matters is . . . how you transcript those words and letters that wants breath into the real world, and making you one of the proudest mama or papa of the entire world.


3 thoughts on “‘My’ Point of View”

  1. What all words you have used to convince your point of view is fully correct and convincing. It is natural that one puts his point of view of the same point in different words.
    One more best example is of cooking. The same ingredients given to different cooks shall make the dish taste different.
    I feel it is that way isn’t.
    This is my Point of View Christa

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