My short stories

Daily Post Theme: Jiggle

Just a nightmare

I heard its voice in the corner of my bedroom. It was dark, and even the light of the moon was hidden by the darkness of the sky. I was afraid and too tantalized to wake up from my bed to turn on the light, and in this critical moment i thought,  If only i had one of those lamps which i could switch on by clapping my hands together. If i make it through this night, i swore that i would buy one.

My thoughts suddenly iced by the blurry spectrum that moved towards me. It moved quickly, and was in the blink of an eye at the end of my bed. It slowly slide the bed sheet that covered me, revealing my naked legs. How could i not move? Was it one of its wicked power? I was not even able to look elsewhere, my gaze was centered on it. It wanted me to look as it crawled towards me. Its elongated sharp crawls caressed my cheeks, and like a razor blade it made a cut through my skin. I could see the blood, and in the dark it appeared the same as the color of this peculiar night.

Strangely, i did not feel any pain, just the sound of my heart beating faster and faster. It opened widely its mouth, i could see the sharp teeth from where drooled its saliva. My eyes opened wide.

I jiggle as i woke up. It was only an ugly nightmare of a monster that wanted to devour me.


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