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Writing Challenge: Speak Out

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Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the ‘discovery challenges’ hosted on . . . all of this because of an issue that I noticed I have been going through. I write poems and short stories with some ease, but when it comes to write an article about what I really feel about a personal subject—my mind blocks completely on what I should be writing, and I prefer to disregard these challenges, which, without doubt would have helped me a lot in every aspect of helping me in writing way more better than I do actually.

I feel that I am good at writing poetry and making up stories, but sadly I am unable to put in words my feelings concerning the realness of the world that surrounds me. I realized that it is difficult for me to express my feelings in writings, or to even give my own opinion on the aspect of certain things. Furthermore, I always pull back to publish or to finish the different articles that I write for the WP writing challenges. Having chosen writing as my main tool of communication, I should be able to decipher and master every parts of the realm of writing . . . isn’t it!

Though I am busy with the writing of my book, I have decided that I will try as much as possible to stick with the writing and publishing of at least an article for the WP challenge.

So, for this week, the challenge theme goes like that:

Speak Out

Get inspired by those who speak out. Whether through blogging or marching, make your voice heard.

So, this week, let’s talk. What do you feel stigma or shame about, whether personally or at a cultural level? How can we change that? If you were to start a national, or international, campaign to get people talking, what would it be? Share your experience, and see how many people relate.

If someone approaches me to ask, “what is the one cause that you will like to help with?” I will without any hesitancy speak about my growing preoccupation of the various traumatic situations that women still have to endure in this 21st century.

Even though we seem to be more educated than the people who once lived in the barbarian era, our seemingly advanced civilization still tolerate acts of awful abuse perpetrated against women of many countries (underdeveloped and developing). I am not only writing about being beaten to death here, but of all the abuses that they are still locked in and of the fear of living everyday as a woman.  Judged for being freed of all kinds of archaic thinking, imprisoned in ancient societies believes, misunderstood and bashed. Many of these women keep on falling under the kicks and blows of husbands, boyfriends or even family members, and endure suffering in silence.

The world is changing, everything is changing, so will we. Mentalities will change, habit of living will change, ways of seeing life itself will change . . . so, will we adapt to these changes? Or will we kill one another like savage creatures.

Women of the world are becoming more aware of the ways that they are being treated—and in such, in a near future, their rebellion and need to set them free from their current state may contribute to a high rise in crimes, insults, oppression and other barbarian acts on her person.

In Mauritius, acts of atrocities of all kinds have been committed against many women during the course of 2016 and even at the beginning of this year; whether it’s by men that possess illness of jealousy, ill natured, immature or being a macho. I wonder if it’s the feminine genre that are ill  . . . or is it simply the machismo nature of men that overtakes their rational ways of thinking.

We are locked in a system where we are obliged to get married, in some houses, we still don’t have the right to talk, or to even give our own opinions on the things that matters the most to us. We are the prey of the masculine societies that sees in us only a sex machinery, or to the rest only a baby machinery. We have to incline ourselves to rules and cultural deprivation that imprison us from being naturally a woman—beautifully curved and amazingly sensitive. We live in a culture of fear, a society of deprivation of our rights to be a woman in all our blooming splendour. We have to shut our mouth for fear of being roofless, or fearing that our children won’t have any food on the table. Yes, it still happens in many houses, behind closed doors.

While in Western civilisations and some European countries have seen the emancipation of women from a culture of fear, here in developing countries we still have many problems concerning our ways of living. The stigmas of ancient ways of living still hang on our heads as the razor blade of a knife.

In Mauritius, systems for the protection of women have been put in place so as to ‘protect’ women from their tormentor. But even with a ‘protection order’ it doesn’t stop their companion on committing atrocities that leaves broken innocent lives behind.

If I could reach out for these women that are suffering, I have only one message for them: “When there is restriction to your freedom, when your rights and thoughts are being caged and controlled by others, when you live in fear, when you can’t be what you really are; that is; a woman in all it’s splendor and sensuality, then you are not living your life with all the dignity that you as a woman has the merit to be living by.”

I have always believed that changes can be brought about by women. It’s not that I am a feminist to the hard chore, but I believe that with our maternal instincts and our sensibility, we can change things in the long run. We can start by simply showing our sons on how to treat women and how can they understand us better.

Wow, I don’t know, but I just couldn’t stop writing . . . lol.



11 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: Speak Out”

  1. I relate to every single part of this post, from the occasional writer’s block – and the will to overcome it through challenges – to the discrimination against women that should have been no more by now. I didn’t realize the post was long until I reached the end of it, and I believe your writer’s block regarding articles is pretty much lifted ! Best of luck with your book !

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  2. Amazing, for the first time I loved a long post and wished it didn’t end. Beautiful Christa, your sensibility and love for the topic matter is crystal clear, bravo 👏👏 wow.
    Would have reblogged this if it were already the international women’s day. Wow🙇


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