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A beautiful day learning to sew with my mom

Pillow case

Yesterday (Sunday), I spent a marvelous day learning how to sew with my mother. It’s so amazing the positive and soothing effect that the process of sewing and mending a piece of cloth incurs in the brain—it had a dopamine effect on my state of mind—afterwards I felt relaxed, joyous and I even felt a little bit more concentrated on the writing of my book. Note that it’s difficult for me to write at night after a long journey of having my head being buzzed and attacked by all sorts of inputs of information; but yesterday at night I was able to focus on the writing of my story.

Pillow and throwback cases
The cases cloths

Being a professional in the art of sewing, my mother had already done all the big work before my arrival at her place—like cutting and stitching the cloth together, and all I had to do was to knit everything together on the sewing machine. We made some cool pillow and throwback cases and some ornamenting decorating sets.

I recently decided that I wanted to help her a little bit more in her little business. As she is not well acquainted with the online world, I decided to help her on reaching a broader audience and clients for her handcrafting products by stretching out the knowledge of her sewing talents on the web—so came to me the idea of helping my mother on setting up and managing a Facebook page as well as a YouTube channel where she would be able to make videos about her knowledge of the sewing world.

Decorative set
Ornamenting decorative set for armchairs and couch

Frankly speaking, I have never been fascinated by the sewing and knitting world. Since a child I have always seen my mother on her sewing machine or a needle at hand and knitting all sorts of beautiful and colorful garments—but I was never attracted on questioning her on the nature of her work.  I remember that she always told to my sister and I that a day would come where we would both regret that we have never learned sewing; when we had the chance of learning freely such an important skill while she was still here—and guess what! She was right. Today I have understood the importance of the skill of sewing—even my sister has started learning too.

Now that I am married, I understand perfectly about what she was trying to say to us. The know-how to sew can help and even facilitate your life in many ways—mainly when you have children and that their clothes always need to be patch up. You can save a lot of money too if you know how to sew or mend your own clothes.

Today I am happy that me and my sister have both changed our minds on the craft of sewing. We are having a great time learning with my mother this amazing occupational art that has gained an important place in my life and my heart.


4 thoughts on “A beautiful day learning to sew with my mom”

  1. your post can be an inspiration.. my mom once told me to try a shot but I can never ever just coz I’m afraid that the needle might point me.. but whatever you learn.. at some stage it definately helps !!

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