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The Story Behind Lovelyricism Logo

four-leaf clover design

When I first started out on the web I had no idea where to go so as to be able to create a beautiful cover on Facebook or any other social medias. I always came upon those accounts where they had cool & beautiful medias covers uploaded with the right size, and here I was still searching on which site to go or what application should I download so as to be able to upload a cover that I loved with the right size and above all which will fit my personality. And then one day I haphazardly discovered canva and from that day on my whole perspective of using designing tools so as to create beautiful free online images changed drastically.

Note that I am heartily writing this post for those people who don’t have a clue on which non complicated website to go when they need to design beautiful artistic images or covers for their own personal delight. This article would have been the kind of post that I would have loved reading at the beginning of my search of a designing tool, an article like this would have avoided me wasting my time reading articles that are none of any kind of use for new internet users—some of these sites were so puzzling to me, well, how would they have known that new internet users get lost among so many links! (well, for me).

So, from this day inwards I fell in love with I had so much fun creating most of the November Notes Writing Challenge there, it’s indeed a wonderful web playground.

The story behind my logo

I think that most of you have somehow understood that I was into paranormal stuff or things that don’t much belong to earthly realm . . .lol. I am someone who believes ardently in the nature of signs.

Just before discovering canvas, I have been thinking a lot about the fantasy/slasher movie Leprechaun (loll). When I first watched this movie I had a terrific obsession for rainbows (because I put in this head of mine that there were really pots of gold at the end of every rainbows) and four-leaf clover (each time I found myself among wild shamrock plants, I would look everywhere like crazy if I ever find one which had four leaves)⇔You know we all have the right to dream ^_^ .

Leaf Clover Green Nature Shamrock Flower Plant
Shamrock plant

So, around my actual little yard there are lots of little wild shamrock plants that grows among the grass, and as a matter of fact memories of these past days searching for four-leaf clover resurfaced in my mind. And while I was surfing here and there on the net I discovered— from where in an effortless way I fell on this logo thumbnail_large . When I included the name of my blog, it turned out to be a little flower with the letter Y fitting the design which in the end turned into a little flower (the movie leprechaun⇒shamrock plant⇒heart leaves⇒bloom), I was even able to include colors that I loved. In a sense of the way I love to think that this logo has chosen me . . .ain’t it the truth . . .lol.


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