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Daily Post Theme: Successful

open bookvia Daily Prompt: Successful

Writing a book is really not an easy task to achieve. My whole days are dedicated at writing and editing the book that I have always dreamed of writing. At the beginning I was not that much into it, but day by day my confidence in writing is gradually blooming. This time I haven’t indulge myself on thinking that what I am doing should be a success or that either it would bring me some money, but in the contrary the only thing that matters to me when I would have finished the book is the image of me telling to my sons one day that I have been able to make one of my dreams come true and that they also can make everything possible.


8 thoughts on “Daily Post Theme: Successful”

  1. Reblogged this on KimKnight_Author and commented:

    I love Christa’s take on today’s writing prompt, I had to re-blog her work,as to be honest I read this and thought ” that’s something that I would write!” As an author, I could not agree more success is in the completion on the novel, writing the last word, in the last paragraph on the last page. Whatever happens next is a bonus. In my first published novel, my first thank you is dedicated to my own son, I tell him ” this first one is for you pretty boy.” As my way to also show him, anything is possible. Thank you for sharing your post Christa.

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