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A beautiful day learning to sew with my mom

Yesterday (Sunday), I spent a marvelous day learning how to sew with my mother. It’s so amazing the positive and soothing effect that the process of sewing and mending a piece of cloth incurs in the brain—it had a dopamine effect on my state of mind—afterwards I felt relaxed, joyous and I even felt a… Continue reading A beautiful day learning to sew with my mom

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Daily Post Theme: Yellow

Show me the colour of your soul Blast it open Yellow as the sun & radiant as the moon Write it in words & poetic lyrics Give to the world a bit of your light And let yourself be as the horizon.

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Daily Post Theme: Automatic

Automatic re-bounce in the bot There, quickly in an attic to hide And the stale in leverage acidic liquid There i saw it Mechanical structure designated to combat I watched outside the unclear view There the machines controlled a brain I watched and purged and learned With dreams to disintegrate the robots And there I… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Automatic

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Daily Post Theme: Filter

Pour in the words that takes away every pain But the reality is stranger than fiction And these words of yours just bleeds incessantly It burns its way down my throat And I regurgitate Alphabets filtered through net It sinks till the bottom of my belly And it goes up my tract These alphas are… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Filter

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Daily Post Theme: Ten

I wear ten scares on the palm of my hands Inflicted by the harsh knives of life The echoes of the chores that it reflects On the still waters of a lake Without surrugating nor tresspassing Latent as ageing death Proning that life itself is a mess These self inflicting illness vapours all over me And i… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Ten

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The Story Behind Lovelyricism Logo

When I first started out on the web I had no idea where to go so as to be able to create a beautiful cover on Facebook or any other social medias. I always came upon those accounts where they had cool & beautiful medias covers uploaded with the right size, and here I was still… Continue reading The Story Behind Lovelyricism Logo

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Daily Post Theme: Successful

via Daily Prompt: Successful Writing a book is really not an easy task to achieve. My whole days are dedicated at writing and editing the book that I have always dreamed of writing. At the beginning I was not that much into it, but day by day my confidence in writing is gradually blooming. This… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Successful

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Daily Post Theme: Privacy

Privacy lurks deep in a comatose And i erect a wall of china all around To keep the scavengers very far away. I love privacy , and I also love calmness too. It's the ultimate place where I feel safe and free to be who I really am. You are behind your curtain and you loose… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Privacy

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Daily Post Theme: Exposure

It takes a lot to endure the pain The sound of tears lure the darkness It comes to end your life and cure the sickness Brainless null sets sore on the lines And your in an exposure of cataclysm I bet you pour this poisoning liquid in your veins To take away your pain But… Continue reading Daily Post Theme: Exposure

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2017 Wishes

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right- Oprah Winfrey We finally entered the year 2017—so, happy New Year to all the bloggers and visitors passing by (I suppose some would say better late than never :-). It’s a whole New Year with chances and prospective of a whole… Continue reading 2017 Wishes