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See you all in 2017-taking some days off

The snatching sunrise surrendered to my heart
And a heartbeat could be heard far off the boarder
I screamed like madness perforating my heart
And yet there came the dawn upon my lips
Sipping cold words of thunder
Under a clear sky of snowfalls.


For some days I have been thinking deeply about what matters the most to me—you know with all the dramas that I have been imposing on myself, all the things that I have gone mad about and about all my wants and need to step into the world of online entrepreneurship. Don’t get me wrong here, I love what I have learned through my blog and all of my various social medias, it made me more stronger and decisive about my goals and the things that I really want to achieve and do in my life, but you know the truth is that I am not that strong nor am I that kind of person that doesn’t take anything seriously . . . I guess that I have much work to be done on this part of myself. This part of me that refuses to submit myself to some form of self-inflicting phobia process that I am aware is killing all of the hard work I have done on myself.

So that is why I have decided to press the ‘pause’ button and be off of my blog and social for some times, I want to take care of that part of me that is still rotten (well, metaphorically saying) and still a bit cracked . . . residues–it all takes time to disappear forever and all the darkening sky in the firmament keeps telling me that I should take a deep step rewind to all of this, it’s just that I need to put some order in all this chaotic mess that I was in again.

I sincerely love all of you, have a merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year. Cheers in advance to all of you. See all of you in 2017.

I have seen that WordPress has a new cool outfit, well, that’s all great looking.

P.S, I won’t respond to any mail or to any comment on my blog too until 2017 . . .bye peeps.



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