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500 followers-You too can make it till here

500 WordPress followers
Congratulations on getting 500 total follows on lovelyricism! Your current tally is 505.

Thank you very much to all of you . . . each and single one of you. 5oo followers  . . . wow, it’s like a dream come true, I would have never thought that after 7 months of effort my stats and followers would have peaked up like that, of course there is much more to continue doing so as to raise the bar higher and fly above the sky of WordPress, but I am sure that little by little I will make it through.

I always tell you that I really don’t know of what my tomorrow with WordPress is made of, I know my goals and I know my plans, but I am still thinking how my WordPress blog will help me in achieving a greater advancement in the professionalism and entrepreneurship sector, which will once and for all determine my future means of living. You will never know how proud I am of myself for having been able to understand the blogging world—even if it’s only half of the whole process, but I guess that the rest of it will come out little by little.

A message to all of you that want to take your blog to another level

To all the rest of WordPress users that wants to take their blog on another scale, I would like to tell to all of you to never give up, to be patient with yourself and your blog and to read and reread again all the things that you haven’t understood about your blog. Blogging takes a lot of time—I suppose as all the rest of the things that you want to get better at, but in every step of the way you will be the great winner in all of this for there is nothing more rewarding than personal gratification.

So, all of you can make it to 500 followers—yes you can make it if you create your own recipe of blogging strategy, keep on going on your own tract, subscribe to the blogging university, apply yourself, from time to time read some WordPress articles that you are attracted to, visit other blogs, if you love a post don’t hesitate to ‘like’ and to ‘comment’, from time to time create a post that inspire you from the one word theme given by the daily post or any other prompt of your choice, focus only on your blog (which is your baby)—I don’t think that you will take care of the babies of other people (apart if you are paid to do so)!, feed it and love it until it grows into a wonderful adult that will make you a proud mama//papa.

At last I would like to tell all of you that you have the capacity of doing everything you want, you have the freedom of deciding whatever you want to do with your blog, keep yourself on the side of those that will help you on achieving your dreams—there is a great difference between something that wants to elevates you and something that exploits you, in everything that you do you should always analyse if you are in a  win-win situation.




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