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My recent decision of not showing my face online anymore (Violent Content)

Warning: This article contains some vulgar words and violent writings.

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent-Isaac Assimov

If someone puts their hand on you make sure they never put their hands on anybody else again-Malcolm X 

Recently I have been through a bad experience which left me somehow pondering, paranoid (which I was already) and scared. Though the incident didn’t took place online but in real life—it still has impacted on my instinct of survival in the face of danger, since Saturday I have been thinking a lot about that incident where an ugly dickhead stepped out from nowhere in front of the vehicle where me, my husband and my children were, being as violent as an angry ugly baboon is and trying to open the door of our vehicle aggressively, my heart skipped and beat brutally as if it wanted to fall out of my chest, I only thought of my children at that very moment, it was horrible and really a nasty act of random violence perpetrated against me and my family, something that I won’t forget nor even forgive.

That brutal incident has made my paranoia level climbed to its highest peak where I came to the point that I wanted to disconnect from the internet, but it’s not a motherfucktarded psychosomatic nutcase that will prevent me from doing whatever I want! But instead I have voted for the solution of not showing my face on social medias but only on my blog—I don’t think that the fact that I don’t show my face anymore will affect my honesty and my true nature towards people of the online world. This incident has opened my eyes on online security matters for people that prefers anonymity versus exposing everything in a world that is becoming more and more violent day after day.

I can’t stop thinking that it could have been worst, that he could have got a gun or something else that could have badly hurt my children, I don’t care what dumbass that belongs to human rights might say, I would never forgive to this man to have had a conduct of this extreme violence against me and my family, I don’t care if he was on drug or if he was under the influence of alcohol, an act of violence remains the same and I am for the introduction of death penalty in certain circumstances.

And as for my online genuine physical digital presence, I think that my data location as well as everything else is already listed in the Google, FBI, NSI or any other trustworthy carnet! Which I guess makes me as transparent as a glass can be—So, not showing my face or even writing under a ‘Pen name’ doesn’t classify myself in the criminals section that uses ‘aliases’ so as to commit fraud against people, so I don’t have nothing to fear about being fake.

I am very sad about that situation, because I was starting to see myself doing videos on my YouTube channel and I would lose readers or even an interesting opportunities in the working area, but for now its security over everything else. So, in the days to come I will be making some drastic changes to all my profiles in order to be safe and sound online while not exposing my face and pray hard that in a near future everything turns out fine.


33 thoughts on “My recent decision of not showing my face online anymore (Violent Content)”

  1. Hugs to you, and it’s tough weighing the pros and cons of actions online in case somebody in the real world goes online specifically to mess with you or make life hell. I’ve wrestled with that quite a bit and it took me a long time to get online because of it, whether facebook or blogging or whatever. I’m paranoid in a sense, but there’s also perception at work. You’re aware and cautious, which isn’t necessarily bad…but don’t let crap like that bunghole ruin your plans and your life. Wonder what his deal was–but it’s getting harder to tell these days.

    Be good and hope all is well (and will get better).

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    1. Thank you very much for your soothing words. I guess that i shouldn’t let paranoia win in this kind of situation. I am trying to protect myself as much as i can, but knowing that there is so many lack of securities everywhere makes me wonder hard on all these issues. Thanks again.

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  2. Hi….even though I’ve never had such an experience, i would like to say that you’re right in standing up against such violence which is really affecting the world……

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  3. Hey, I may sound weird but I found this post hilarious, simply because we should all learn to let out our frustration in times like these but not let them spoil our mood or take control of our life. Personally, I’ve never trusted internet nor those people you cited. But I blog, chat and connect with people. What I’m saying is try to take it as an experience and laugh your head off about it. You’ll see the tension will subside and everything will be alright. I’m glad you are ok and was brave enough to share your story with us 👌👍👏😊

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  4. I agree with George. Don’t let the creep steal who you are and what you want to do. It was a terribly scary situation, especially for your children. Show them how to be strong in the face of uncompromising adversity. Take back your world!!!

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  5. That’s awful. I so sorry to read this and your reaction is totally understandable – I think a great many of us would react in the same way. But when the initial shock subsides, please think hard about the choices you make. It is your life, your dreams, your ideas and ambitions. That screwed up arsehole was trying to steal your car, don’t let him steal those too x

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