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Ardent Patchwork-November Notes

A potpourri of some of the song theme for the November Notes writing Challenge.

Thank you very much areadingwritr & Sarah Doughty for these wonderful & inspirational challenge, I had so much fun writing these notes all along the way.

Ardent Patchwork

The buses and trains (song by Bachelor girl) hovered on the water
Took me under the grand esplanade of fear and death
But seemingly I was left on the side of the road of Trikedia
Looking in every direction for something that I had long lost.

Up in flames (song by Ruelle) I ran till the nearest exit
The pointer of the compass broke a long time ago
And my heart within withered with arsenic poison
That I found in inadvertence was a cause of the cause.

For the first time (song by The Script) I tried to breathed within another
But I choked and was left breathless
Within a range of rage and within a change of sane
I had to battle and to learn again to swim.

This night (song by Black Lab) I robbed my own heart
Settled it between my ribs
And heard it sing again to the sound of love
I wasn’t selfish anymore . . . but loving me.

To look after you (song by The Fray) . . . my heart
To care for you . . . my heart
To stop letting you take all the pain . . . my heart
But to love the beating of every sonar
And to brighten myself under every lunar
I would set myself free to be your lover . . . my heart.

What to expect I said to the echo
A beating drum of love and thirst
A changeling in the winds that blow
Hunger of the pine (song by alt-J) on a sweet x-mas morning
Waiting for a new aorta valve.

But turning tables (song by Adele) has never been a nature state of mine
I love too much to hurt
I desire too ardently to cut
And I bleed too much to mutilate
I go along with the flow
damaged but happy
Crying but laughing
Sincere not to thee, but sincere to my heart
I have my heart back . . . and that’s all I have ever wanted.

With love



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